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Clean your Iron

    • After the Iron has cooled, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and if necessary, use a mild detergent solution. Any residue on the Soleplate will be cleaned easily with the damp cloth.
    • Only use a fabric to clean the soleplate, a metallic pad will lead to scratches on the soleplate.
    • Iron over an old cotton cloth after the Iron is ready to use to remove any synthetic residue.

STORE your Iron

    • Let your Iron cool down on the heel rest in a standing position
    • Empty the water tank in case of a Steam Iron
    • Put the thermostat to minimum temperature
    • Clean the sole plate with a damp cloth
    • Place the cord in the cord winder and place it in an upright position or on the base (depending on the model)

How to use steam station

Set the appliance in your laundry area and fill the water tank. Press the function button to turn on the appliance and select your desired setting to do ironing.

Depending on which Steam setting you have selected, the corresponding symbol will flash on display to indicate that the iron is heating up.

When the iron is ready for use, the temperature symbol will stop flashing and lights up continuously. Steam ironing is available for all settings except for the first one.

Hold the steam trigger to generate steam for steam ironing. Release the steam trigger to stop generating steam. Adjust the setting of the appliance by pressing the function button.

After use, long press the function button for 2 seconds to turn off the appliance. Also, it is recommended to drain the water inside the water tank.

How to use garment Steamer

Attach the fabric brush on to the steam head.

All water up to the level marked 'MAX'. indicated on the side of the water tank, and close the water inlet cover.

Plug in the power cord of the steamer to the power supply outlet The pilot light turns on, Indicating that the steamer is heating up.

Keep the steam button pressed while the steamer is heating up to ensure power supply to the steamer.

Upon reaching working temperature, the pilot light will turn off. indicating that the steamer is ready to use.